We are the Worlds leading Viking cultural organisation, working to inspire and bring warriors and vikings to Film & TV, or media events.

With decades of experience as on film actors in Docu-Drama’s, or fighting as Supporting Artists and Martial Artists on screen, we’ve worked on a varying range of productions from Viking Age, to Medieval, fantasy / gaming requirements and much, much more.

TV & Films

For more information on the projects in Film & TV which we have worked on

School & Educations

If you think your studying of Viking Culture and Saxons (early medieval period) can be enriched by our day visit.

Team Buildings

When it comes to Team Building, we have performed awesome days for businesses where they experience a day being a “Viking” with exercises and games based around team work and learning new skills.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible services.

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Looking for Iconic people for a music video or Tv or Film? Want a Viking Stag Do? Then get in touch and we are certain we can help!
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