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So why Corporate?

What can we do whats relevant?

These are all very straight forward and honest questions which we can help with.

Picture the setting, you are entertaining guests in a Viking Long House, with warriors surrounding you, feasts, and viking games being played like wrestling, and fire festival activities. Without a doubt, putting on a display, or banquet of such nature is absolutely mind blowing, and we like to make dreams a reality.

From working with Lego Land, to franchises and more, we have had to come up with fun, and lasting entertainment for that special moment where you want to entertain.

We’ve also been a part of side projects like Gym Box, who worked a long side Vikings (Fox) about there promotion of a “Viking Workout” held at there gym’s which was a mix of aerobic and cardio classes based around a Viking Raid. In this promotion we had to teach the prospective gym goers swordsmanship, and how to hold in a shield wall under intense conditions, after this, the real agony began as they started the hard cardio class of a “Viking Raid!”

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