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Event’s can be difficult business, you want your event to “Pop!”

you may even be working within an event or Exbo itself, and as your stand or environment give it the edge to stand ahead of competitors.

As Medieval Swordsmen and Vikings, we have worked on a range of Events from the management perspective, all the way to hosting huge battles and tournaments, as well as supplying tradesmen (crafters, blacksmiths, story tellers, musicians) and other such things to create a folkish period atmosphere where you really want to sell the image of your setting, albeit Fantasy, Medieval, Viking, we can work to your needs.

With everything from Tent’s, to back drops, wooden furniture, banners, armaments, iconic looking individuals who look like they are from one thousand years ago, we bring the best we can, and can even work towards clients needs for Long ship use, or location hire.

So why us? As part of a global organisation which boasts hundreds of individuals as a part of it, we have helped create events world wide, and put together everything from stunt team’s performing combat for on stage bands (Manowar) to set building back drops / enviroments for a viking themed Event for How to Train your Dragon!

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