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We get hired for a range of events and promotional activities

Why hire us?

Our collective of warriors range from rugged men with legendary beards in there 40’s and 50’s, capable of great feats of warrior prowess, to younger men who are physical athletes who body build, and train solely as warriors.

When expressing an interest in hiring us, we get hired for a range of events and promotional activities. This may be for promoting your brand, Green Screen work, music video work, TV adverts, sword fighting for film and TV and more. The sort of work we’ve done in the past which we’ve been hired for has been vast.

  • Educational School work teaching about vikings.
  • Pop up bar experiences where we have gladitorial fought as Vikings as the main part of an themed event.
  • Film & TV work ranging from Docudrama's, adverts.
  • And much, much more!
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