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Vikings for Hire bring the excellence.

With decades of experience, we are a large organisation of premier sword fighters, reenactors, fight directors, supporting artists and history fanatics who love all things viking.

What is it we exactly do? We have performed in all sorts of contracts ranging from fighting, acting, and doing extra work for Docu-drama’s. Created events for Stag Do’s for a day of fun where participants enjoy being a “Viking” for a day, Blacksmithing courses, running large scale Viking Events which brings thousands upon thousands of public, School Educational trips where we teach the kids about Viking history and more!

As Warriors for hire, we train regularly to ensure we can both perform choreographed fight scenes and totally improvised sword techniques which not only look realistic, can only really transpire to look authentic if the Martial Artists in question train with each other regularly.

Although we do enjoy the combat side, many of our contracts have simply been for promotional events where they require grizzly vikings to “Look Mean” or to enhance the atmosphere of the event by acting as Vikings.

Simply put, this is just a very short list of the sort of projects we have taken on in the past, so get in touch!

So why Warriors for Hire?
What have we done in the past?

Our Experienced in this field of work goes on for decades, here we have added a small example of some of the work and iconic things we have done previously.
  • TV Adverts: Namely one where individuals were hired with there own full equipment and clothing (costume) to act for a worlds leading Hotel / Holiday company.
  • Having to rehearse, teach, and perform on camera fight scenes which would then have to be taught to celebrities to act as “Heroes” for a media piece promoting the launch of a new Fantasy Genre Console game. This included Parkour / highly advanced techniques which could not be performed by standard Stunt Men.
  • Season 1 and Season 2 of Ancient Assassins by World Media Rights: This was performing a range of tasks for the viking episodes which ranged from combat, fight direction, acting, set creation, and the use of our full equipment.
  • Weekend Warriors: A fly on the wall Documentary which followed us fighting as Reenactors at the battle of Clontarf.
  • Stag Do’s: For Clientele wanting something really “out of this world” and fun, we have built a full Viking Encampment for the day, in which a large group of men were taught how to be Viking’s, this included learning a bit of black smithing, eating Viking Food, team building exercises / capture the flag, and experiencing a fully immersive environment where they felt like they had been sent back 1,000 years to the viking age.
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